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International removals

Have you been considering moving overseas? It might seem more daunting than a domestic move, but it’s sure to be rewarding – many of our customers have enjoyed starting fresh in the end! To help you in the process of moving your belongings internationally, Mitchells Moving Company is on hand for anything you need. We offer a fully comprehensive service, from storing your items to cleaning your property just before your move. We prioritise a personal service for our customers. We work closely with you to ensure we are meeting every one of your requirements and are providing the reassurance and support that you may need. To discuss our international removal services, call 0800 023 4610.

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Why work with
removal companies?

Working with a company that is experienced in international removals will be the most beneficial thing you can do. At Mitchells Moving Company, many of our movers have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Moving internationally is something we have expertise in, knowing the process seamlessly. Our services will take the stress off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the adventure of moving abroad.

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What to expect from your
international removal process

Overseas removals can be slightly nerve-wracking for our customers, which is why we’re here to lay out the process and what you can expect from us. You can benefit from a step-by-step process – we work methodically and prioritise protecting your belongings.


Our team will take a look at your property either through a video survey or an in-person consultation. This will allow us to give you an accurate quotation for your international move.


If you choose to do a house clearance at the same time as your move, this will usually happen in advance to space out the processes and ensure that there is no confusion about your items.


Your movers will pack your belongings if you elect to choose our packing service and will pack the van in a logical way. This ensures that regular items are accessible, and the vehicle is used efficiently.


We will transport your items to our trusted international moving partners, where we will collaborate with them to decide which overseas shipping service will be applicable for your move – air or ship freight.


Our team will track your belongings through the entire journey to ensure their safety – they will arrive at your new doorstep as safe as can be. Your door-to-door overseas service couldn’t be more seamless.

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Transporting your large
heavy items with ease

Moving your large, heavy items overseas won’t be as difficult as you may think. Over our years in the industry, we’ve developed processes that make your international move as simple as it can be. From moving your beloved grand piano to your hot tub, our team will pack these items efficiently to ensure their safety.

Our reliable,
expansive fleet

You may wonder what your belongings will be transported in. When we pack your boxes into our removals van, we have the option of four sizes in our large fleet. We will assess your property and the number of items you have, and decide on whether you need a 7.5, 12, 18 tonne vehicle or a maxi mover. Our capable fleet means that we can cater for all requirements – don’t hesitate to get in contact for your international removals service.


Removal insurance
for your peace of mind

When making an international move, you might be wondering about insurances. Mitchells Moving Company is fully insured to carry out your overseas journey, with the relevant expertise and knowledge for the job. This is bound to give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe during the big move.

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We’ve honed our international moving services to take the stress out of your hands. To get in touch, call us on 0800 023 4610 or email

Benefit from our international
relocation services

Any support you could need for your international move, Mitchells Moving Company can provide. Our packing service can really help you out, whether it’s a partial pack of just a couple of rooms or a full service. When your home is cleared and packed up ready for the move, we can carry out a house cleaning service to take the job off your hands. Our expertise covers all aspects of the industry, and we have experts in our team for every requirement. From a domestic move to transporting your belongings overseas, you can rely on us.

Our packaging
products: Protecting
your belongings

When it comes to what to pack your belongings in, we have the products you need. Our boxes are double skinned with two layers of corrugated cardboard. This makes for a sturdy box that will protect your items from harm and can be relied upon when making an overseas move. Mitchells Moving Company can be the people to provide the packaging you require.

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Flexible storage solutions for your items

If you’re in a situation where you don’t need some of your belongings to travel overseas with you but you’d like to store them securely, we can provide a storage service that keeps your items safe. You can elect any size storage space for any duration of time and your belongings will be waiting for you. With security gates, padlocks, CCTV, alarm systems, and codes, you can rest assured that your items will be protected.

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Choose Mitchells Moving Company for your overseas move

When considering which company to use for your international move, just take a look at what we can do for you. We provide a personal service to our customers, offering the support you need and treating your belongings with care.

More than four decades of experience

Many of our movers have more than 40 years in the industry. You will benefit from this experience and the processes we have developed. We will move you to your international location seamlessly.

An attentive service for customers

During the course of your international move, we will make your service personal to you. We meet every one of your requirements and go above and beyond to take the stress out of your hands. Anything you need, ask us.

A comprehensive service

We offer a comprehensive international removals service. From clearing your home to packing and transporting your items, we offer everything you could wish for. Take advantage of cost-effective services from one company.

Innovative, modern processes

Working with us will provide you with efficient services and modern processes. We use reliable vehicles, brand-new boxes and wrapping materials, and are experienced in keeping items safe. We always wear branded uniforms and tailor our service to you.

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For services that get your international move underway quickly and efficiently, give Mitchells Moving Company a call on 0800 023 4610 or email