When it’s time to move properties and you’ve accumulated a lifetime’s worth of furniture, you could be questioning how you’re going to pack it all up. Protecting your furniture is essential, as not packing it properly can result in dents and gouges where you really don’t want them. Materials such as wood and glass are easily damaged unless they are wrapped up with the appropriate packaging. As packing and moving experts, you can follow our expert tips and trust that they will serve your furniture well!

Use premium packaging materials

To properly protect your furniture, you will need materials such as bubble wrap and protective blankets. These materials will help keep your furniture undamaged and free of scratches, especially if wrapped correctly. You may also find corrugated cardboard sheets helpful. Locate the covers that came with your sofa and mattress and ensure that you put these on before the move. These covers are designed to protect your sofas and mattresses, so make use of them!

Prepare your furniture

Many people don’t know it, but if there is leftover dust or dirt on the surface of your furniture, and you wrap it tightly in bubble wrap or something similar, the debris could scratch your furniture. To prevent this, make sure you dust and clean your furniture before the packing process. This also allows you to move into your new home with clean furniture, for a fresh start!

Dismantle your items

To save space in the moving van, as well as ensure your furniture is properly prepared, it is a good idea to dismantle your furniture. If this is a large piece, such as a bed frame or chest of drawers, make sure to consult the user manual so that you know how to put it back together again! Taking your items apart will mean that you can effectively wrap each individual part of the item with protective bubble wrap. This adds extra precaution, helping you keep your furniture in pristine condition.

Collect the hardware

When taking apart your furniture, you may find yourself inundated with screws, nuts, and bolts. Ensure you collect all these parts, as well as any handles from furniture, and keep them together in a bag. You may find it helpful to attach the bag to the relevant piece of furniture, reminding you of what hardware goes with what piece of furniture.

Utilise components of your furniture

One of the benefits of taking apart your furniture, is that you can use the components as extra packing equipment. For example, after taking out the drawers on a cabinet, you can use the drawers to pack things into, and then keep them safe by wrapping them up.

Package your pieces thoroughly

The next step is to ensure that you thoroughly wrap your items, to secure their safety. One layer of bubble wrap won’t be enough – make sure that you are fully protecting your furniture by layering up with bubble wrap and protective blankets.

Ultimately, the best way to be safe in the knowledge that your furniture is protected, is to leave it to the professionals. Here at Mitchells Moving Company, we have a comprehensive packing service that includes your large items of furniture. We are experts at knowing exactly how to pack your furniture and keep it safe. Get in touch with us on 0800 023 4610 or email info@mitchellsmovingcompany.com.

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