When you’re moving house, packing an entire home full of belongings can seem daunting. You will have more items than you thought, and you might start wondering where you accumulated them all! Loading up boxes comes intuitively for a lot of people, but there are some packing tips that can help speed up the process and increase your organisation. Follow these tricks to help you pack like a pro in no time…

Create a packing list

Nothing comes in handier than a list. Outlining everything you need to pack into which boxes will allow you to create a plan of action. Starting in advance, having a packing list increases organisation. Knowing what needs to go where could even make you more motivated to start the process! Stick to this list and you’ll find the process much easier.

Gather your packing supplies

You will need the most protective packaging you can find to ensure the safety of your household items. You will need a range of box sizes, and enough supplies for all your belongings. These boxes should be double skinned and made from corrugated cardboard for maximum safety. You will also need removal blankets and heavy duty bubble wrap. If you still have boxes for items like your television, these will be very useful.

Work room by room

To ensure you have the essentials to hand right until the very last minute of your move, pack room by room starting with those less used areas. Working through each room will allow you to keep your items together, without things from each room becoming confused with another. This will also allow you to start further in advance, meaning that the house move is less stressful with more time to get things done.

Declutter during the process

Take the opportunity during your packing venture to clear out some of your items. There are bound to be belongings within your home that you no longer use or need – many of us abandon these things to the loft until we have to think about them again! Decluttering before you move into the new space will allow you to make a fresh start, and a clearance service is the easiest way to dispose of these items.

Pack suitcases efficiently

Saving space in your suitcase is going to be very important. It’s rare that we ever pack up our entire wardrobes, but this must be done to transport you to your new home! Save space to ensure all your clothing can fit into your bags by rolling your clothes. Packing cubes are also recommended as a brilliant method of space saving. Toiletries should be packed in plastic bags or something similar, to ensure any spillages are contained.

Create an ‘essentials box’

When you get to your new home, you may not find a time to unpack for a while. That’s why creating an ‘essentials box’ will be very helpful, containing the necessary items to help you get by. You could put toiletries and kitchen essentials in here, planning your outfits to have enough clothing to last a few weeks. Keeping your valuables in this box will also give you peace of mind that you have everything you need, such as passports and jewellery.

Label your boxes

During your packing, labelling your boxes will ensure unpacking in your new home is much easier. This will allow you to know which box goes in which room and which boxes have similar items within them, such as kitchenware. It’s also wise to create an inventory, allowing you to see easily what items are in which box. Your forward-thinking labelling will help you find what you need with ease.

Hire the professionals!

You might be thinking that the packing process is all a bit too overwhelming… A professional packing service can ensure that you don’t encounter any of this hassle. The experts in a removal company can pack your whole home in just a day, as opposed to you spending the weeks leading up to your house move in a packing frenzy. Living out of suitcases is never enjoyable, and the packing experts can prevent this.

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