If you’re a book fanatic, you may find yourself wondering how to transport all your precious paperbacks and hardbacks in the event that you are moving properties. Knowing how to pack books effectively may not seem that important, but there are tips and techniques that can come in handy, preventing the feeling of despair that can come from hearing a pile of books overturning in the moving van! Read on for our tips on how to pack your books safely, ensuring they don’t experience any damage or interfere with the moving of your other items!

Choose your boxes carefully

You must ensure that the boxes you are using to transport your books are strong enough to hold heavy cargo. Books are notoriously heavy, and so the cardboard boxes must be thick enough to withstand this. Double corrugated cardboard will ensure the safety of your books, and you could think about using smaller boxes for books, which are stronger at carrying heavier loads.

Pad the boxes

Ensure that the boxes you are using are padded, whether this be with a layer of bubble wrap, tissue paper, or newspaper. This will reduce the risk of your paperbacks and hardbacks getting scraped, scuffed, or bumped, which could potentially damage their covers or result in dog-eared pages. This is a protective measure you can take.

Work by weight

It’s important to operate as you would when you are packing any item – pack the heaviest items first. The books with the largest surface area and heaviest weight should be placed at the bottom of the box, so that the lighter ones are preserved, and aren’t sandwiched between heavier books. This could cause them damage!

Fill any gaps in the box

If there are gaps in the box with your books, this could result in them moving around in the box during the move, which could cause damage. Filling any gaps between the books in your box will pad out the blank space, which will mean that no books will be thrown around during the moving process. This will protect them from becoming scuffed.

Secure the box with packing tape

If you’re concerned about whether your box will hold the weight of your books, you can reinforce it with packing tape. Wrapping tape around the underneath of the box can prevent it from weakening under the strain. This could be a preventative measure you take in order to secure your books within your moving boxes.

Label your boxes

If you have a lot of books, you could think about ensuring you label which box holds which hardback or paperback. You could work out which books will be kept in which room, and package all books that will be kept together in the same box. Labelling these boxes will help you when it comes to the unpacking process to ensure a smoother task, and can also remind you to put these heavy boxes at the bottom of any piles.

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