During the process of moving properties or offices, you may find yourself needing to store some of your belongings, especially if you are downsizing. Storage spaces are usually empty rooms, which allow you to store whatever you could need in order for your move to happen seamlessly. However, throwing all your items into the space and leaving it is only a recipe for some added stress! It’s important to organise your storage space, ensuring that you know where each of your items is when you need it. Here is how to organise your space:

1. Take an inventory

It can be easy to let your storage space become cluttered. If this happens, you may need to know what is in there so that you aren’t looking around your home for a belonging that is in storage. Taking an inventory of every item that is being stored will allow you to know when you need to venture into the space to collect something.

2. Label your boxes

Within every box, you should place items that are related to each other. This will mean that you can label each box with something general, such as ‘kitchen’, and list what is in each box. Having this information on the outside will make looking for items so much easier. It will also help your organisation.

3. Invest in sturdy boxes

In your storage space, you may end up stacking boxes on top of each other for an extended amount of time. In doing this, it could be safer for your items if you invest in plastic boxes or sturdy cardboard boxes. These are more reliable than regular boxes. You can find cardboard boxes that are corrugated and double skinned so that they are particularly durable.

4. Heavy items at the back

With the size that some storage spaces can be, it can be difficult to access your items that are at the back or the bottom of the space. Due to this, it is a good idea to put your least used or least needed items in the place where they are the least accessible – this will allow you to be able to reach the things you need more easily.

5. Accessible frequently used items

Similarly to the previous point, put the items that you are most likely to need at the front of your storage space. This could be an item of furniture that couldn’t fit in your new home immediately, but you have plans for it somewhere else. Whatever the need is, if you require the item within a small space of time, put it where you can easily reach it.

6. Disassemble your furniture

People often store their furniture. Whether there is not enough space in your new property, or you have been storing new furniture ahead of your move, this will need to be in a storage space. To save space in your storage facility, you could consider taking apart your furniture. This will save space and allow you to store more of your items.

7. Consider rack storage

Organisation is key. In your storage space, things could get cluttered if you are stacking boxes on top of each other. To prevent this from happening, you could think about investing in a rack system, allowing your boxes to stay separated and easily accessible. These storage solutions can even be labelled, meaning that you can clearly see where things are.

8. Declutter as you pack

As you are packing and placing things in your storage space, ensure that you simultaneously declutter. This will mean that you don’t store things unnecessarily, or take things to your new home or office that aren’t needed. Decluttering is essential when you move properties, making your fresh start complete.

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