The process of moving house is known to keep you on your toes, and a lot of the time the removal can offer you very short notice before moving day! In this circumstance, it can be easy to let the shock of the time pressure get to you, but this is exactly when you need to plan and channel your productivity into the moving process. We’ve come up with the most valuable tips to help you move between properties.

Tip 1. Find an expert removals company

When you are moving at short notice, one of the most important things to do first is find an expert removals company. These businesses often need notice, perhaps two weeks’ worth, to ensure they have availability on the day that you require it. Getting in touch with a removals company as soon as possible could also provide you with their tips about moving on short notice.

Tip 2. Write a moving plan

Whether you are a fan of having a plan or not, there is no denying that planning your house move will help decrease the amount of stress you’re under, especially if you’re on a tight timeline. Plan which room you will pack up first, what order your process will happen in, and an itinerary for the moving day. This will help the tasks appear more manageable, and less intimidating.

Tip 3. Plan the timings

Within your removals plan, there should be a plan of your timings. This will allow you to know when you should be moving onto the next task, helping you stay on track so that you reach your end goal (moving day!) without delay. If specificity helps you, allocate certain times of the day when you should have completed things. For example: 3pm, pack up the cupboard under the stairs.

Tip 4. Enlist help from support network

Sometimes the amount of notice you are given is incredibly short. Packing up an entire home in this time could seem overwhelming, and although your removal company will offer you unending support on moving day, you may need some extra help during the lead up. This is why you should enlist the help of friends and family, ensuring everything gets completed within the time frame.

Tip 5. Start packing straight away!

Putting off your packing is one of the worst things you could do if you have limited time during your house move. You should create a packing plan, ensuring you are packing up every room in your home with the correct amount of time allocated. Work through rooms one at a time, starting with the least used. Label all your boxes with the room it belongs to, avoiding confusion at the other end!

Tip 6. Consider a storage unit

A lot of the time, decluttering your home is recommended when moving properties. This is so that you aren’t taking anything into your new home that could be unnecessary, cluttering a new space. If there isn’t sufficient time to do this, you could think about renting a storage space, offering you more room to place your belongings and extending the amount of time you have for a sort out.

Tip 7. Don’t forget your utilities

When moving properties, don’t forget about your utilities. Let your water, gas, and electricity providers know that you are moving, and take a meter reading before you leave. This will ensure that, if you are billed incorrectly for energy you didn’t use, you can have proof that you should be paying for less. It can be easy to forget this in a rush, but it’s important to put this in your plan.

Tip 8. Stay focused

When you have a deadline, focus will be your best friend. Losing this concentration could mean that you don’t keep to your plan, causing you more stress in the long run. Keep your goal in sight: moving into your new property. If anything, the excitement should be enough to keep you motivated! Break each task into manageable pieces, and you could even reward yourself after each completing it.

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