Are you planning on downsizing soon? Perhaps people have moved out and you’ve found yourself roaming empty rooms that you have no need for anymore! If this is the case, downsizing will allow you to make the most of every room in your new property. During this process, though, you may find that you need to make sure you’ve decluttered your home… The question is, how do you do this? Follow this how-to guide for all the information you need about clearing your home:

Start small and start early

The main thing about clearing your home is making sure you start small and start early. Ensuring your new property is clutter free can be a tiring process, both emotionally and physically! Start well in advance and take each room little by little, making small but continuous progress.

Be merciless

Downsizing often calls for a massive cull of your items, so you have to be ruthless. This will ensure that you’re clearing enough items to be comfortable in your new home. For example, if you haven’t worn some items of clothing in 6-12 months or they don’t fit, it might be time to get rid of them.

Dispose of duplicates

Disposing of duplicate items is an easy way to decrease your number of belongings. You won’t need more than one item of the same thing when you’re downsizing, so when you’re sifting through a lot of stuff, assess whether you need that many spatulas or saucepans…

Set goals and targets

Decluttering your home will be a lot easier if you set yourself a goal. Set deadlines for each room you work through, and pinpoint how many things you will get rid of and what will stay in your possession. This will allow you to organise your move, working through each room methodically.

Sort as you work

As you are working through each room and deciding what to keep and pack, sort your items as you go along. Have a pile of things to dispose of, a donate pile, and a packing pile. This ongoing organisation is bound to make things easier, and your donated items can go to a better place.

Devise a floor plan

Making a floor plan of your new property will allow you find out how much of your furniture you can fit in your new home. This in turn tells you how many items you must dispose of or donate. Perhaps your living room can’t fit two sofas, or the armchair that you’ve had for 20 years has to go.

Keep things that bring you joy

One of the most important things to bear in mind is to keep the items that bring you joy. Moving into a new property, the surroundings can sometimes seem soulless. To combat this, having your favourite knick knacks around you will go a long way to making you feel already at home.

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