A washing machine is an essential appliance that many of us could not live without. When you move house there’s no sense in taking on the expense of replacing it if it still meets your needs and works properly. So, you’ll have to take it with you. Moving your washing machine can seem like a daunting task but with a bit of planning ahead and some know-how you’ll have it out and moved to your new property in no time.

Step one: Preparation

First, you’ll want to gather up all of the necessary items to ensure you have a straightforward move. You’ll need a few tools, a set of sturdy pliers, a bucket, and some plastic bags. This will allow you to remove all of the different pieces that hold your washing machine in place safely and store them securely during the move. Packing materials like tape and moving blankets are also essential to the safe transportation of your washing machine. If you don’t have a packing blanket, then regular blankets or towels will do in a pinch. You will also need a dolly or similar trolley as a means of moving your washing machine through your house. This will be far safer and quicker than trying to do it by hand. If possible, also try and find the original manual for your appliance, as this will contain lots of useful information on how to move. If you can’t find that, don’t panic, we can still help.

Step two: Detach the washing machine

This is the most complicated part of the process and can seem very intimidating. However, it is more than possible to do it yourself with household tools. First, simply unplug the machine from the mains then push the plug as close as possible to where the cable is attached to the back of the washing machine. Next, you’ll need to detach the two hoses. If possible, turn off any water supply to the machine. Keep a bucket and towels handy to catch any excess water that might spill out. First, carefully unscrew the fill hose from where it connects to your water system. This should be possible by hand but keep a pair of pliers handy just in case. Detaching the drain hose should also be simple, but you should note that many drain hoses are hooked up to a sink. Do not run water into this sink as the hole where the hose was could leak. Push these two pipes back through as close to the main body of the washing machine as you can get them.

Step three: Move your appliance

Once everything has been safely detached, its time to move your washing machine. With the help of a friend, tilt the machine back and pull it forwards. This will keep the front feet from digging in and damaging your floor. Slowly manoeuvre it out where you can get hold of it more easily. This is an ideal time to fit the transit bolts per the manufacturer’s instructions. This will keep the moving parts of your machine secure in transit. Then, place it on the moving dolly or hand truck. Wrap it in your moving blanket and tape it down tightly, making sure to secure the door and drawer are closed. Carefully move it through your home out to the moving vehicle. Make sure you’ve cleared the path ahead of time and kept children and pets occupied elsewhere. There is nothing more frustrating than an unexpected surprise during this step. If necessary, use wooden planks as makeshift ramps to navigate steps and other obstacles.

Step four: Reinstallation

Place the machine in the back of your moving vehicle as close to the cab as possible. It is very important that you keep it upright during transit as this will keep any water left in the system from spilling out and damaging the electrics. If possible, also strap it down so that it cannot shift during transit and become damaged. To reinstall your washing machine, simply follow these steps in reverse. Place it back on the dolly, move it through your new house, and remove the packing blanket and transit bolts. Next, you’ll need to identify the ideal spots for your fill and drain hoses and carefully reattach them. After that, all that’s left is to plug it back into the mains and (with some help) carefully shift it back into the place.

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