Are you planning on moving to a new home? If so, make sure that one of the first items on your “To Do” list is learning how to properly move a fridge. Moving appliances such as refrigerators can be difficult and time-consuming if done incorrectly – not only is there the risk of damaging your property, but also injuring yourself! Because of this, it’s important to know all the steps involved when safely transferring your refrigerator from one place to another. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at helpful tips for moving a fridge safely and simply.

Gather enough people

Moving a fridge can be tricky business due to its size and weight. Firstly, it’s important to make sure that the fridge is unplugged and securely fastened before any attempts are made to move it. Gathering enough people to help lift the fridge without damaging it is essential – a minimum of two people should hold the fridge from the sides. It’s best practice to keep all the helpers listening carefully to any direction so they can cooperate and execute necessary lifting efforts by each other. With proper guidance, knowledge, and solid teamwork, you’ll be able to get that fridge transferred from one place to another with ease!

Disconnect the fridge

One of the most important actions to take before moving a fridge is to disconnect all necessary cords and hoses from the back of the appliance. Depending on where your fridge is located, you may need to move other appliances to create the necessary access. Some moving supplies will come in handy for moving a fridge, such as moving pads and straps to keep it secure while moving. However, no matter what supplies you use, remember that disconnecting cords and hoses before moving your refrigerator is essential.

Place protective blankets or mats on the floor

Protecting your hardwood floors during fridge transportation should be a priority to avoid scratching or gouging the floor. An effective way to do this is by purchasing protective blankets or mats for the fridge to rest on. These items are relatively inexpensive and will cushion the fridge from moving over the floorboards. You might even need a few because several intervals of lifting and shifting on the move may become necessary. Placing protective blankets or mats on the floor before transporting your fridge may take some extra time but is certainly worth it if you want to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Remove or secure the fridge doors

When moving a fridge, it’s important to remove or secure the doors to prevent them from opening unexpectedly and causing damage. This is especially true if you are transporting your refrigerator on its side, as this can put extra strain on the doors and cause them to open during transit. To ensure that your fridge remains securely closed, you should use straps to tightly bind them in place when moving. Doing so will also help keep the contents safe and sound! Additionally, make sure that any handles or other loose parts are properly secured before beginning transport. Following these steps will guarantee a successful move without any incidents along the way.

Use an appliance dolly to move the fridge

Moving a fridge is no small task – fridges can be extremely heavy! That’s why using an appliance moving dolly can be such a useful tool. It can help to balance the weight and provide added support, not to mention make moving from A to B much easier. Whether moving the fridge around corners or transporting it across more ambitious distances, an appliance-moving dolly can be extremely helpful in preventing both potential damage to the item itself and possible injury to those moving it. Taking time to properly secure the item before moving is still essential, as you want to make sure your precious load won’t go sliding off at an unfortunate moment!

Securely tie down the fridge with straps

When transporting your fridge to its new home for repair, it’s important to secure it with straps for added safety. Not only does it protect against the fridge shifting motions that can damage both the fridge and your vehicle, but it will also rebalance your load during acceleration and turns. Make sure to use quality straps that are built for fridge transportation, as these kinds will provide extra sturdiness and support. To ensure maximum durability, take proper care of the straps instead of leaving them exposed to the elements. After securing the fridge properly and safely, you can now hit the road without worry!

Reconnect the fridge

To ensure that the appliance is working correctly when reaching your new destination, it’s important to reattach all necessary cords and hoses. Once you have unloaded the fridge from the moving truck and have pushed it into place at your new location, check for any loose or disconnected hoses and cords. These parts should be firmly connected for the appliance to be operational. Additionally, make sure to check the plug socket is functioning properly as the refrigerator will not work without electricity. Following these steps will help guarantee that all moving tasks go as smoothly as possible.

Moving a fridge – The key points

After all is said and done, moving a fridge to your desired location can be a challenging task that requires extra planning and safety precautions. From gathering people to help lift it safely, disconnecting cords, placing blankets and a mat on the floor before moving it, and securing straps for added safety while you transport and reattach the necessary cords and hoses when you arrive at your destination – these are the steps needed to successfully move a fridge with minimal stress. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a successful fridge-moving experience without too much effort. And if any issues arise during the process, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mitchells Moving Company for additional advice and any assistance you may need. Good luck with your move!

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