When you’re moving house, there could be many costs that can seem like they are popping up out of nowhere. As if the house wasn’t expensive enough, you need to create extra budgets to make sure everything runs smoothly. This could seem overwhelming, which is why we’ve devised a list of everything that you may need to budget for during your house move.

Storage space

If you have so many items that it’s hard to find room for them in your new property, you may have to invest in storage space. This will allow you to keep your items safe and in your possession, avoiding the rush of donating items which you might regret afterwards. Although an extra cost, storing belongings gives you freedom and can take off the pressure.

Packaging materials

It’s imperative that the packaging materials you use are reliable. If you use cardboard boxes that you found on the pavement, the chances are they won’t be quite strong enough to hold your valuable items! The best boxes to use are double skinned, which will support your items and will ensure a smooth moving experience.

Estate agent fees

We’re sure you’ll be familiar with this one. Estate agent fees are often higher than you can expect them to be. You could be charged for photos, floorplans, marketing, VAT, and more. You can often negotiate on the fee, which is a great way to save yourself some costs. There is also stamp duty to consider, so saving up for these fees is wise.

Baby and pet sitting costs

It’s likely that your move could happen across multiple days, including the time you will have to take to unpack and get your new home in order. To make this process easier, it can be a good idea to invest in baby sitting services, or pet sitting. Having children and pets within the home can make tasks seem a million times longer, so this small cost in the scheme of things can help you save time.

Fresh furniture

In your new home, you may decide that you want a fresh start in all aspects. Brand-new furniture can help your property feel this way, giving you added interest in your home. If you are moving to a bigger house, you may even find that the furniture you have isn’t enough to fill the space. Budgeting for this will mean that it doesn’t come as a nasty surprise.

Admin tasks

It can be easy to disregard administrative tasks as being inconsequential, but they are something you should take into account. For example, getting your post redirected to your new home will cost you more than £30. Ensuring you set some money aside for these tasks will ensure that you aren’t caught off guard.

Meals to tide you over

During the move, you will often have limited access to a fridge or an oven, especially if the property you are moving into has damaged appliances or is a fixer upper. For this reason, many people find themselves ordering food to save themselves the hassle of whipping something up in a pinch. This isn’t an imperative budgeting need, but it could save you the stress of cooking!

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