If you’re moving house then it is likely you will need to bring your appliances with you. If they still work properly and suit your needs than there’s no sense in spending money replacing them. However, moving a dishwasher will require some forethought and planning. It is a large, bulky, and expensive item that you need to get to your new home in one piece. That’s why we’ve put this helpful guide together to make sure that your dishwasher arrives at your new home safely.

Step one: Preparation

The first step is to get your dishwasher ready to be removed. This can be a more complicated process than you might think so be careful and thorough. First of all, clear any dishes or glassware inside and pack it separately. Carefully unscrew the washer from any brackets or fixtures holding it to the counter. This will keep anything from getting damaged when you remove it. Turn off the electricity and water supply to the appliance. Next, slide the dishwasher gently out from under the counter so that you can see the pipes and cables at the rear of the unit.

Step two: Disconnect the dishwasher

The next stage is to disconnect the dishwasher from the mains and water supply. Disconnecting the power may be as simple as unplugging it. However, it is likely that it is wired in. If this is the case, then locate the metal junction box. Remove it and loosen the nuts that are keeping the wires in place. To disconnect the water you’ll need to locate two pipes, the supply and the drain. Make sure you keep containers or towels under where you are working to catch any water that might spill out. The supply pipe usually only requires a nut to be unscrewed. Once you’ve located the drain line on your machine, follow it to the end connection where it meets your plumbing and detach it there. Remember to keep a bucket or towel handy as it is likely that water will spill out. Once you’re done here, you can pull the dishwasher out from under the counter completely.

Step three: Pack the dishwasher

From this stage on you’ll definitely need some help, at least one extra pair of hands. Once you’ve pulled the dishwasher out, its time to properly protect it, and get it aboard your moving vehicle. Tie or tape the door closed to keep it from banging open inconveniently and getting damaged when you’re trying to move it. Wrapping the main body of the appliance in bubble wrap or towels will also help keep it safe and secure while you manoeuvre it out of your home. This is best achieved with an extra body to help you, and a hand truck or dolly to take the strain. Plan the route out to the moving vehicle carefully and use wooden planks as ramps to negotiate steps and other obstacles where possible.

Step four: Moving your dishwasher

Once on your moving vehicle, protect your dishwasher further with more bubble wrap or blankets. Make sure it is packed in tightly so it cannot shift during transit. Your dishwasher will travel best lying on its back, with the door facing the roof of the vehicle. This should see your dishwasher to its destination safely. Follow the same advice given here to manoeuvre it carefully into your new property and unpack it in its new location. To reinstall your dishwasher you will need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or, if you’re not feeling confident, call a professional. This will ensure that your dishwasher is fitted in your new home to the best standard.

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