Transporting glassware from your old kitchen to your new home can be a stressful process. You’ll need at least some of your glassware from the moment that you move in, making it an absolute essential. What’s more, since it is so fragile it is vital that it is properly stored during the move. A box of broken glass is a hazard at your new home and replacing glassware is an expensive headache that no one wants while moving. So, we recommend following our handy guide on the best way to pack glass to make sure everything gets to your new home in one piece.

Packing materials

Get started the right way. Packing glass with subpar materials only puts them at unnecessary risk. You need the best equipment for the job to protect them from bumps and absorb shocks during the move.

  • Packing paper

    Proper packing paper is the best way to protect your glasses during transport. Bubble wrap is too bulky and the ink from newspaper can run, staining your glasses. Packing paper is a clean and effective material that will keep your glassware protected. It will provide much needed impact absorption when wrapped snugly around your glasses and scrunched up to fill voids or space inside the box.

  • Cardboard boxes

    Not all cardboard boxes are created equal. You’ll need heavy duty packing boxes to ensure they have the rigidity to transport heavy but fragile loads of glass. Remember also to watch the size. A large box can store a lot but is difficult to move, so stick to medium boxes. If possible, try and get double walled boxes. These offer additional shock absorption to keep your glasses safe during transport.

Prepare glasses

Make sure each of your glasses are properly wrapped in packing paper before you box them up. By wrapping each item individually, you can ensure that each one will be as safe as possible during your move.

  • Heavy glasses

    Start with the larger and heavier glasses you own, like pint glasses. Lay a piece of your packing paper out flat and lay a glass on top. Tuck a corner of paper inside the glass and roll it across the packaging. Make sure to stuff the end of the paper over the rim of the glass as you go to create a tight package. This will ensure all parts of the glass are covered and protected.

  • Set of glasses

    If you own multiple glasses of the same shape or size, then you can save space by storing them together. Place a single layer of packing paper in the first glass, and place another inside it. Make sure the two glasses don’t actually touch, and that there is paper cushioning them. After you’ve done this a few times, wrap the whole tube of stacked glasses in paper, tucking the end in the top glass.

  • Wine glasses

    Any glasses with a stem, like wine glasses, gin bowls, or champagne flutes, will need special care as they are particularly delicate. First, protect the stem of the glass. Wrap it separately in its own sheet of packing paper to keep it safe. Then wrap the bowl using the same method used earlier. Make sure the end of the paper is folded over inside the glass to protect the rim from chips or cracks.

Pack your glasses

When packing glass, we find there are a few simple steps to follow that will give you the best result. Gather your glasses and packing materials together and get your glassware ready for your move.

  • Reinforce the box

    While your chosen cardboard box might feel very sturdy, it can’t hurt to reinforce it, and will give you some peace of mind as well. By covering joins or seams in your box, particularly on the bottom, with packing tape you can ensure that it will withstand the weight and bulk of your glassware. Also consider using cardboard dividers to give each glass its own space in the box.

  • Pack carefully

    Start by placing a layer of packing material at the bottom of your cardboard box. Then stack your heaviest glasses at the bottom first. Carefully fill the box, placing your most delicate glasses at the top. Make sure to fill any visible voids with extra packing material. Once the box is full, tape it shut. Rock the box gently, if you can feel movement, you will need to fill that extra space to keep your glasses safe.

Whether you’re moving or need to clear out your house, packing up all that glassware can be a daunting prospect. If you’re still unsure, then engage the help of the experts. Get in touch with Mitchells Moving Company. We are a well-established team of movers and house clearance specialists with years of experience. Call 0800 023 4610 or email to organise your move.

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