Along with the excitement of moving to a new property can come the difficulty of an influx of cardboard boxes… When moving day creeps up on you, you’re likely to have boxes scattered around your entire home, with some of them containing entire libraries and heavy items! When loading these boxes into the removal van or around your new house, engage proper lifting techniques to make sure you don’t have the stress of an injury on top of your existing to-do list!

The dos of lifting heavy objects

There is a step-by-step technique of everything you should do when you’re lifting heavy things. This process will help you get your lifting done without injuries, and is easy to follow!

  1. Start with a sturdy base

    Place your legs shoulder width apart so that you have a wide stance.

  2. Squat to pick up your item

    Bend at the hips and knees and keep your back straight when lowering yourself to the item.

  3. Keep your back straight

    During the lift you should only use the muscles in your legs to move towards the object.

  4. Go slowly

    The last thing you want to be doing is rushing, as this can increase the risk of injury. Taking your time will help you maintain a good technique.

  5. Keep the item close to your body

    Shortening the distance will help you conserve the strength in your arms.

The don’ts of lifting heavy objects

There are certain things that you shouldn’t do when you lift heavy objects – making these mistakes could result in an injury that you could do without… Make sure you preserve your health!

  1. Don’t tackle the stairs at first

    Stairs are an added complication that could result in a fall unless you are confident you can lift the item without trouble.

  2. Don’t bend from your back

    The weight of the object could put strain on your back, where this can be avoided if you bend from your knees.

  3. Don’t rush

    Although putting your heavy item down as quickly as possible could seem like a priority, rushing could put you in more danger than it’s worth.

  4. Don’t twist your waist

    Always change your direction from your feet rather than twisting from your torso. This could cause back pain.

  5. Don’t tackle an item so heavy that it’s a risk

    If an item is beyond what you can handle, there’s no shame in asking for help, especially for large items like furniture!

Lifting your heavy items could seem like it’s an integral part of the house moving process, but there are steps you can take so that this burden is taken off your shoulders! All your hefty boxes can be handled by a removals company, providing packing services as well as loading your belongings into the removal van, and unpacking it when you reach your long-awaited destination. Mitchells Moving Company can be exactly who you need. Our stellar services are highly renowned, call us on 0800 023 4610 or email

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