Is your house move fast approaching? When moving day starts to loom over you, it could be easy to let it get overwhelming. Preparing as much as you can will enable you to take the stress off your shoulders and stay in control of your domestic move. If you’ve been looking for some moving tips and tricks to make your house move the easiest it can be, here’s the only list you’ll ever need.

Declutter in advance

Moving homes will be more complicated if you have an abundance of items that you no longer use. Many of us hoard belongings that we rarely touch in the loft or under the stairs, and these things can become a hinderance when it comes to cluttering up your new home. A clearance before moving will allow you to minimise the number of belongings you’re taking with you, creating the opportunity for a fresh start.

Book a removals company

A removals company is the number one solution to take the burden of moving house away from you, ensuring you can be stress free. As experts in the industry, moving companies know how to conduct a removal, from using specialist packing materials to loading the van with maximum efficiency. With insurance policies and years of experience, you won’t have to worry about your items.

Pack in advance

Packing can be the most time-consuming part of your move. You’d be surprised at the number of items you have, and they all must be packed neatly and safely into boxes. If you’re doing this alone rather than using a professional packing service, start packing in advance so that you aren’t overcome by suitcases a few days before you move! A packing service allows you to delay packing in the lead up to your move, ensuring you don’t live out of boxes.

Create an inventory

If you’ve elected to pack your household belongings by yourself, creating an inventory will be your best friend when you come to unpack. Labelling your boxes with their contents, as well as making a list of where each item is will help you during the unpacking process, allowing you to access the things you may need on a day-to-day basis. Removals companies will also create an inventory if they pack your items for you, making your life easier.

Create a new property room plan

Regarding your new home, you will have been given the dimensions of each room. This will help you to make a provisional floor plan for where your furniture will be placed. Removal companies will put your furniture where you would like it to be, so knowing in advance the layout of your belongings will save time when it comes to your new destination. It could also help you get excited for your move!

Assemble an ‘essentials box’

When you get to your new home, you may not be able to unpack for a while. This is why an ‘essentials box’ is so important. Compile everything you will need for a week or so in one box, and you’ll be able to get by comfortably until you muster up the courage to unpack. It’s a good idea to pack kitchen essentials, toiletries, enough clothing and your valuables: passports, jewellery, documents, and more. Keep this box close to you so that you can find it easily.

Update your address

In the frenzy of the move, changing your address can fall further and further down the to-do list. Don’t forget this – it’s important to register your change of address so that all your documents and post go to the right place. Redirecting your post will save the new owners of your previous home from having a collection of letters with your name on them! You will need to tell local authorities, schools, insurance companies and more about your move.

Defrost your fridge-freezer

Many people forget to add ‘defrost fridge-freezer’ to their moving checklist. You should always carry out this task in advance. If you forget to do this, the ice in the freezer will melt and your appliance will create a puddle in the removal van, potentially damaging your other belongings. It can be tricky to find the right time to do this – after all your fridge-freezer is a frequently used item! Even doing it a few days in advance will save hassle on the day.

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