After the rigours usage of our comfortable mattress, when the time comes to say goodbye, many of us are baffled and puzzled about the proper disposal. We wonder what the best way is to dispose of this without any damage.

Some of us might just leave it on the curb, while others may just hand it over to a local garbage collector, but is it the right way? This blog will help you understand why it is important to dispose of your mattress correctly and how to dispose of it without causing any damage.

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Importance of Proper Disposal

Before you learn various disposal methods for your old mattress, understand why you should dispose of it properly. Mattress contain material that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of in the correct manner.

The mattress is made up of memory foam, metals and various fabrics, and it will take decades to decompose in a landfill. As a responsible citizen, you are legally and morally bound to dispose of your waste properly; otherwise, you will have to pay fines and penalties.

How To Dispose Your Mattress Correctly

Disposing of your mattress won’t be a daunting task if you follow the guide properly.

The first step in disposing of your mattress is to assess its condition. The assessment will help us in determine the best possible option. We can donate, give it away, or dispose of it properly, depending on the condition.

Let us discuss all possible options:

Option 1- Donation

Donating is the best possible option. If your mattress is in good condition and can be used by someone else, there is no better to do it. Many charities or people in need take up products that are in good condition and have no defects for their use. You can also contact organisations like the British Heart Foundation or visit your nearby homeless shelter and give your mattress to them.

Option 2- Selling

The second option is selling or giving it away. If you think the mattress is in good condition but not suitable for donation, then try selling it on online platforms like eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook marketplace for a reasonable price. You may also try freecycling groups or exchange them with someone. While posting on these online platforms, be honest and clear about the condition and defect of your mattress.

Option 3- Local Council Collection

The third option is local council collection services. Some of the local councils offer bulky waste collection services; these services include a collection of mattresses as well. These services can be paid or free, but they ensure you that it will be properly disposed of. To use this service, connect with the city council and book with them.

Place the mattress outside your home on a defined day, and they will collect it. You can connect with them over the phone and understand their process in detail.

Option 4- Recycling

The fourth option is recycling; this option is the most environmentally friendly option. This may come as a surprise to you, but more than 80% of mattresses can be recycled, including their material like metal, memory foam, and fibres.

Find a recycling facility or local services that accept mattresses. Some companies are even specialised in recycling mattresses and may take a fee to collect them from your home, but it’s all worth saving the environment.

Option 5- Professional Removal

If you are looking for a hassle-free option, consider hiring a professional mattress removal service. These companies can handle everything from picking up to final disposal as per the local rules and regulations. It is a great option.

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Before You Sell or Donate

Before donating or selling, ensure that your mattress doesn’t have any bed bugs, as these pests can lead to new problems for the receiver. Try to donate a clean and defect-free mattress. Always try to opt for sustainable options before throwing them off into landfills. Support your community.


Disposing any old material or mattress is a confusing task, but not when you have proper disposal techniques. You can choose from various options like donation or recycling, whatever suits you. You may select any option, but ensure it is not just filling up a landfill and contributing to the environment and society.

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