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Rubbish removal in Dartford

You have a beautiful property in Dartford, but it comprises unwanted junk items scattered all over it. This may include non-functional appliances, old furniture, and even smaller household waste. How do you get rid of them without any hassle? Trust Mitchells Moving Company, a licenced rubbish removal company in Dartford with four decades of experience in clearance services in South East London.

Our expert professionals listen to your needs and offer a wide range of rubbish removal services in Dartford. Each of these services is personalised to your household. Furthermore, we are equipped with advanced tools and vehicles to carry out an efficient job on your property.

For effortless and responsible junk removal from your Dartford property, give our team a call on 0800 023 4610.


Why choose us for rubbish removal in Dartford?

Mitchells provides you with quality rubbish removal services in Dartford. And when we say quality service, we mean experience, knowledge, skills, and responsibility.

Having been in the clearance industry since 1980, we have gathered required knowledge of Dartford’s waste clearance rules and protocols. And we always ensure that we handle your household rubbish with the utmost care and responsibility. This involves taking it from your property to a trusted recycling centre that follows environmental guidelines to dispose of it.

Our team is fully licenced for carrying your waste in Dartford. So no worries, you’re about to trust a company that not only understands your requirements but handles it with proficiency!

Whatever your rubbish removal needs, whether an item too heavy or a bag of waste too small, we’re there to take care of it. Book our unparalleled rubbish removal services in Dartford for a stress-free experience!

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For a reliable rubbish removal team in Dartford, contact us right away. Call us on 0800 023 4610, email us at, or message us using the form below.

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What types of rubbish can we remove from your property?

All types! Here are some rubbish items that we often remove from properties in Dartford:


Small rubbish items

Do you have old packaging items, paper, and bags of waste lying in your house in Dartford? Thinking about what to do with them? Leave it to our experts and we’ll dispose of them responsibly!


Heavy household items

We can carry all kinds of heavy furniture and other items out of your property with care and efficiency. Our Dartford rubbish removal team has the ability to do heavy lifting required for such activities, so you can breathe easy and watch your house getting junk-free with our house clearance services! 


Garden waste

Garden waste can be a headache, especially when you have more important work at hand. That’s alright because we’re there to take care of it. Whether it’s bagged waste or old fences and sheds, our experts will handle your garden waste carefully!


Domestic appliances

Domestic appliances need upgrading, and we know it well! Hence, we help get rid of the old ones. Don’t worry, all items are taken to a trusted reuse or recycling centre for disposal.

Is there a weight limit for
heavy items?

There’s absolutely no limit to the weight of items that we can carry out of your property in Dartford. Trust us with your trash removal, and we promise we’ll do our best work to ensure all waste, heavy or light, is removed from your home.

What to expect from our
rubbish removal in Dartford

Although we customise our rubbish removal services for every household in Dartford, there’s a general four-step rubbish removal process that we usually follow:


Separate your household rubbish
Separating your household rubbish from useful items ensures faster waste survey and collection.


Our team surveys your items
Mitchells’ expert rubbish clearers will survey your household waste to give you a cost estimate of the job. This can be done in person or via a video survey.


Get a free quote for waste removal
Our team will give you the best quote on your household rubbish clearance in Dartford. Rest assured, the quote we give is very much affordable and customised to your needs.


Rubbish clearance begins
Our professionals arrive at your property for trash removal. They have access to all equipment and tools for hassle-free and quick removal of waste from your household.

How much do our Dartford waste removal services cost?

No two households will have the same rubbish removal requirements in Dartford, and we know it! That is why we do not have a fixed pricing model for our waste clearance services. We customise the cost for each and every household. To receive your free quote, contact us on 0800 023 4610 or email



Work with a licenced rubbish removal service provider in Dartford

Waste clearance is more than a petty job; it’s a huge responsibility. Only a licenced waste carrier like the Mitchells Moving Company that has expertise and experience in the matter can carry it out effectively. We take your household waste from your property to a trustworthy recycling centre where it is discarded by following all environmental guidelines. This is to ensure we’re helping create a healthy environment, in your home and outside of it!


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rubbish removal in
Dartford today!

Getting rid of household rubbish in Dartford can be hassle-free, quick, and efficient—but only when you trust a waste carrier with proven expertise and knowledge in the field, like the team at Mitchells. Our adept cleaners are always there to help you with your rubbish removal, and we ensure the best results.

We offer several services, such as residential rubbish removal, commercial junk removal, construction site cleanup, electronic waste disposal, and furniture disposal. Book the most reliable and responsible rubbish removal services in Dartford! 

Things to do in Dartford

Once you’ve cleared out all the unwanted junk and rubbish from your Dartford home with our professional waste removal services, you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy all the area’s great attractions! 

Known for its beautiful parks, tranquil countryside, and lively town centre, Dartford offers many fun things to do for locals and visitors. Here are some top places to experience after our team handles your house clearance: 

  • Wander through the gorgeous gardens and kid-friendly play areas at Central Park 
  • Learn about local history at the fascinating Dartford Borough Museum 
  • Hike the tranquil trails and discover Saxon artefacts at Darenth Country Park   
  • Picnic and explore the woodlands and wetlands at Beacon Wood Country Park 
  • Let the kids run wild at the dinosaur-themed fun at Dinotropolis  
  • Hike the panoramic Darent Valley Path for river views  
  • Browse nature-inspired art at Stephen Oliver’s Studio & Gallery 
  • Enjoy an outdoor play at the lively Dartford Open Air Theatre  
  • Catch a show and dinner at the popular Orchard Theatre 

With our rubbish removal and junk disposal services, we’ll restore space and order to your Dartford property so you can better access these vibrant attractions right nearby. Contact our waste removal experts today to schedule your appointment!


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Want expert and reliable rubbish removal for your property in Dartford? Get in touch for a free quote. Call us on 0800 023 4610 or email us at 


Frequently asked questions about rubbish removal in Dartford

How do I prepare for my domestic rubbish removal?

To further improve your rubbish removal experience with us in Dartford, follow these few tips:

  • Keep your waste items separate so we can quickly survey your space and collect them.
  • Ask your local authority to arrange for parking suspension if your property lacks parking space.
  • Bag your garden waste and other small waste items for faster rubbish collection.
  • Give us as much notice as possible so we can offer you the most efficient services.

Do you recycle the items you remove?

That’s our responsibility. We take every waste item to a nearby and trustworthy recycling centre. This ensures all items including hazardous materials are responsibly discarded without affecting the environment.

Can I arrange for the same day rubbish clearance?

Sure, you can. However, we prefer advanced notice to plan and carry out our rubbish removal in Dartford most efficiently. In case you need same-day removal, get in touch with us to discuss your rubbish removal requirements. We’ll discuss internally with our team to check the feasibility.

Why use rubbish removal instead of hiring a skip?

Skips aren’t the best choice for your household rubbish removal in Dartford. The reasons are as follows:

  • They often need expensive permits.
  • They are more appropriate for carrying heavier waste such as construction debris.
  • There’s always the risk of damaging your driveway by letting a skip on it.
  • A local, experienced, and licenced waste carrier will provide better and affordable services for your household.

Do I need to be at home when my waste is collected?

Yes, and that’s because being at home will help ensure all your waste items are effectively and positively taken out of your property. Rest assured, we’ll only arrive at your place at a pre-decided time and date.

What do I need to do on rubbish collection day?

Just be around and make sure that our team is removing all the waste that you need cleared. That’s it, there’s absolutely nothing else we need from you.

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Want expert and reliable rubbish removal for your property in Dartford? Get in touch for a free quote. Call us on 0800 023 4610 or email us at