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Garden clearance in Bexleyheath

Have bags of cut vegetation and shrubs, unwanted furniture, old cans and containers, and other unwanted items lying about in your garden? Mitchells Moving Company can help you get rid of them responsibly and without any hassle with our unrivalled garden clearance service in Bexleyheath.

Our experts have helped hundreds of households in South East London with waste clearance requirements since 1980. Moreover, we are a licensed team that provides personalised garden waste clearance services in Bexleyheath. Whatever the scale of the job, feel free to give our team a ring on 0800 023 4610 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Why choose our garden clearance service in Bexleyheath?

Garden waste clearance needs to be meticulous and responsible. There can be hazardous chemicals and items that you cannot discard without following proper waste-handling guidelines. This makes relying on an experienced and trustworthy garden clearance company in Bexleyheath all the more important for you. Mitchells Moving Company is a licenced waste carrier that takes care of your garden waste efficiently and responsibly.

We make removing waste from your garden a no-hassle job. Our services have been trusted by households in and around Bexleyheath for years. That is because we take every job, big or small, seriously and complete it with the utmost responsibility.

Our team has access to a myriad of modern tools and vehicles to efficiently carry out your garden clearance in Bexleyheath. Want to talk to an expert? Contact us right away!

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Want a free, no-obligation quote for removing waste from your garden? Call us on 0800 023 4610, email us at, or message us using the form below.

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What items can we remove from your garden?

We remove all kinds of garden waste and unwanted items. Here are some examples.

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Garden waste

Do you have cut grass and weeds, pruned branches, and bags of other waste items lying in your garden? Give us a call. Our team will arrive at your doorstep to take them away.

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Fences and sheds

If you need to get rid of old fences and garden sheds, along with other heavy items from your garden, trust Mitchells’ experts to handle it all carefully and efficiently.

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Garden furniture

We understand that unwanted garden furniture such as an old-fashioned table or bench can be a headache for you. No worries, we’re here to take them away and recycle them responsibly.

What to expect from our garden
clearance in Bexleyheath

Expect a reliable and a personalised experience from our garden clearance team in Bexleyheath. Here’s the process that we usually follow:


Get a free quote
Book our services by calling us on 0800 023 4610. We’ll arrive at your property to survey the garden waste and give you a free, no-obligation quote. This can also be done via a video survey.


We remove your garden waste
Our team of garden clearers will start the job of removing garden waste from your property. Please make sure they have access to areas where your waste items are kept.


You have a clean garden
Our team will leave a spick and span garden area for you to enjoy. And do not worry about waste disposal; we will take your waste items to a reliable recycling centre to get rid of them.

How much does our garden
clearance cost in Bexleyheath?

Our garden clearance cost in Bexleyheath is fully customised to fit your budget and requirements. Our team will visit your property to survey the garden waste and offer you a cost-effective quote for free.

To get yours today, contact us on 0800 023 4610 or email

Work with a fully licensed garden clearance services provider in Bexleyheath

When you work with an expert garden clearance company in Bexleyheath, you ensure that your garden waste is responsibly handled following any local rules and environmental guidelines. Mitchells Moving Company is registered waste carrier in Bexleyheath. We not only remove your waste and unwanted items meticulously from the garden but also recycle them at a trusted recycling centre. With us, you won’t have to worry about a thing during your garden clearance in Bexleyheath.

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Book your garden waste clearance in Bexleyheath today!

Get rid of unwanted junk items from your garden with our trusted and fully customised garden clearance services in Bexleyheath. Get in touch for a free quote and book stress-free garden clearance for your property today!

Frequently asked questions about garden clearance in Bexleyheath

How do I prepare for my garden clearance in Bexleyheath?

Follow these proven tips for a better garden waste clearance experience in your household:

  • Keep your smaller waste items bagged and aside for faster waste removal.
  • Enable access for our team to your garden area on the day of clearance.
  • Give us as much notice as possible so we can serve you better.
  • Be precise about your requirements when our team surveys your property. This will help us give you the best quote and tailor it to your needs.

Do you recycle the garden items you clear?

Yes, we take all garden waste removed from your property to a registered and trustworthy recycling centre. They will follow local environmental protocols while discarding the waste.

How long does a garden clearance take?

It depends on how much waste there is and whether it is ready to be collected. You will get a rough estimate of the time when our experts visit your property for a survey.

Do I need to be at home during my garden clearance?

Yes, we require that you stay at home to give us access to areas where your garden waste and unwanted furniture are situated. This will simplify the process for our team. Also, staying home will help you ensure that all your waste items are effectively removed as per your requirements.

What do I need to do on the day of my garden clearance?

If you’d like faster waste collection, you should bag smaller items and keep them ready to be collected. You should also ensure that our team has access to areas where your waste items are kept. That said, we assure you that our team is fully trained and equipped to handle your garden waste on its own.

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