Moving home can be an experience which brings on a lot of emotions, and whilst the packing can feel like chaos, it is important not to overlook the safety of those valuable possessions you have. Valuables can be anything, from heirlooms and antiques, through to important documents. As professionals in moving from home to home, we have tips and tricks to share for keeping your valuables safe during your move.

Invest in insurance

Investing in insurance is a great way to provide you with peace of mind during your move. Before you open up another policy, it is worth checking your existing home insurance, and see if the policy covers the move from one home to the next. If not, it would be beneficial to check out additional moving insurance policies to protect your assets whilst on the road.

Purchase proper packing supplies

When it comes to fragile valuables, a kitchen towel wrap just won’t suffice, and it wont do much for your peace of mind either! Investing in proper packing supplies can seem extortionate for those who don’t plan on moving again for a long while, but when you see the protection your valuables receive whilst they are stored in the back of a packed moving van, you will understand the importance and be grateful for your purchase. Sturdy boxes, packing paper, padding and bubble wrap and packing tape are all items which you should utilise for those items you are looking to protect. It is also vital to remember that fragile items should be stored at the top of your van when loading, preventing their packaging from becoming squashed by other items of furniture.

Consider self-storage

Whilst they will still need to be transported to the new home at some point, self-storage can provide you with a little added peace of mind. The ability to store valuables in a secure self-storage container during the packing process will allow you to keep them safe in a time where chaos may be rife. The decision is then yours about how and when you transport these valuables to the new home. You may choose to do it once you have settled in, or to calmly drive them yourself without the presence of helpful family members and professional movers.

Create a valuables box

When it comes to your own possessions, everyone has a different understanding of the term ‘valuables’. Whether it be a collection of passports and important documentation or fragile ornaments, a valuables box can be your answer. Discuss and decide on the items you are most worried about damaging, and place them in a box that is clearly labelled. This box can then stay with you in the passenger seat during the journey, providing you with peace of mind without having to have it leave your sight.

Load the van correctly

The way in which you load your van will have an impact on your belongings. All it takes is a combination of a little logic and common sense. With the larger, heavier items, place these at the bottom of the van, loading upwards depending on size and weight. The aim is to have the bulkier belongings at the bottom, and those which are most likely to become crushed or damaged at the top. You can fill any side gaps with rolled up rugs, duvets or pillows to create extra cushioning.

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