We are well aware that moving house can already be a stressful time. With so much going on the last thing you need is damaged or broken valuables. It is massively inconvenient and replacing it is another expense during an already costly process. That’s why we’ve put this handy guide together to help you protect your TV during your move. Check out the simple steps below to find how you can best keep your TV from damage. You don’t need any special equipment, just some household items and a bit of know-how.

Step one: Prep

The first step is to prepare your TV for your move. Unplug the cables and label them, this will make it easier to set up your TV again at your new property. Remove the TV from its base or bracket. Then carefully wipe down the screen with a microfibre cloth to remove any dust and dirt from the surface. This will prevent any debris from scratching it during the moving process.

Step two: Wrap

Protect your TV during the moving process by bundling it up in packing material. This can include bubble wrap, a specialist packing blanket, or even scrunched up newspaper. You could also consider cardboard or foam corner protectors for added security. Pay special attention to ensure the screen is properly protected then tightly tape the material together. Make sure everything is tight enough that the TV cannot move during transit.

Step three: Pack

You’ll need to find a suitable sized box to transport your TV in. If you have the original box, fantastic, but if not, don’t worry. Simply find a box that is roughly the right shape and size and carefully place the TV inside. If the box is too big, pad out the empty space with extra packing material. If possible, also pack your cables and the base or bracket of the TV in this box as well.

Step four: Secure

Ensure the TV is packed tight and cannot move inside its box. Use plenty of packing tape to secure the box shut. Label the box thoroughly. Note which way up the box should be oriented, which side is the screen, and that it shouldn’t be laid flat. Also note whose TV it is and which room of your new property it should be moved into to make unpacking easier at the other end.

Step five: Load

Your TV’s placement in your moving vehicle is very important. Be sure to store it upright, with nothing on top of it. If possible, try and fit the box snugly between two other boxes or pieces of furniture to ensure it doesn’t move during transit. If possible, you could consider taking your TV in your own vehicle, so you have complete peace of mind that it is safe during your move.

Now you should be all ready to move your TV safely. These principles can be applied to any delicate electronics and precious items in your home. You’ll be able to keep everything safe and secure during your move, taking a bit of stress out of the moving process.

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