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Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. Not only do you have to worry about getting your belongings from point A to point B safely, but you also must deal with finding a new home, changing your address, and more. Mitchells Moving Company is here to take the stress off your shoulders. We are a professional removal company with decades of experience in the industry. We will tailor our services to meet your specific needs, providing everything you could need for seamless removals in Erith. We will handle every aspect of the move for you, from packing your belongings safely and securely, to transporting them to your new home quickly and efficiently. Plus, we treat your home with utmost care.

If you’re looking for the best removals company to help you on moving day in Erith, call us on 0800 023 4610.

Why choose Erith?

Erith is a suburban town on the edge of the south-eastern London Borough of Bexley and is home to 45,000 people. Easily commutable to many parts of South and Central London it is popular for its easy rail and road access to the capital. The town is well equipped with local amenities including the Erith Leisure Centre, the David Ives Stadium, and the Erith Playhouse. The town centre hosts a shopping centre as well as large high street supermarkets. Erith’s position right on the banks of the river Thames makes it a unique place to live. Its pier is still standing and is the longest in the capital. Erith also hosts the annual Erith Riverside Festival at the Riverside Gardens, a vibrant green space right on the river. Erith allows you to experience comfortable and affordable urban living without the cramped conditions of the inner city while keeping you well connected to everything important.

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Relocating to a new home can be stressful, especially if you must do all the work yourself. Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. From packing up your belongings to getting everything safely to your new home, it’s a lot of hard work. Mitchells Moving Company offers a full range of removals services in Erith that will take the stress out of moving. We provide a packing service, so you don’t have to worry about packing everything up properly, and we also offer a clearance service to help you get rid of any clutter before you move. Our team is experienced and friendly, so you can relax and let us take care of everything.

Why choose Mitchells Moving Company
for removals in Erith?

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about the logistics of getting all your belongings from point A to point B. Mitchells Moving Company has been providing reliable removals services in Erith for years. We have the experience and expertise necessary to take the stress out of your move.

Industry experience dating back to 1980

Moving is a hassle at the best of times, but it’s even worse when you must worry about your possessions. You could try to do it yourself, but that’s a risky proposition. Hiring a professional removals company is the smartest way to go. Some of our team have experience dating back more than 40 years, so we know how to handle your belongings safely and securely. We’ll transport them reliably so you can relax and focus on your new home or office.

Personal communication with customers

We provide a one-stop shop for all your communication needs during your move. You can easily contact us for updates on how your move is going. We want to make sure your removal process is as stress-free as possible, and clear communication is essential for this.

Start-to-finish services

It’s no wonder so many people put off moving for as long as possible. It’s an incredibly stressful process! Start-to-finish services from our company take the hassle out of moving. We’ll take care of everything for you, from packing your boxes to cleaning your old home before you leave. You can relax and focus on your new life ahead.

Modern, detail-oriented processes

You must worry about packing everything up properly, getting it all to the new place, and then unpacking it all again. We offer a modern and efficient removals service that will make your move as easy as possible. We use vans that are specifically designed for house moves, and we have support vehicles on hand in case you need them.

Professional packing
for removals in Erith

Moving is stressful. Packing up all your belongings, getting everything ready for transport, and worrying about whether your fragile items will make it to your new home in one piece can be too much for some people to handle. If you’re like most people, you don’t want to spend weeks packing up your home before a move. You also don’t want the stress of having to pack everything yourself. Plus, who has time for that? Mitchells Moving Company can take care of everything for you. We offer professional packing services that will take the stress off your hands. Our packers are experienced and will pack your belongings quickly and efficiently so that you can live your life without stress until the day of your move.

Removal storage
in Erith

You’ve just moved into a new home, but you can’t move your furniture in until the renovations are done. It’s frustrating when you must wait to move into your new home because of renovations. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it also means that you must find somewhere else to store all of your belongings in the meantime. Mitchells Moving Company offers removal storage in Erith so that you don’t have to worry about finding a place for your items. Our secure storage spaces are available for any amount of time and for any size that you need.

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Primary schools
in Erith

Are your little ones starting school soon? There are a range of primary schools within the Erith area that could be the ideal fit for their needs.

  • Christ Church Erith C Of E Primary School
  • St Fidelis Catholic Primary School
  • Thinkbig
  • Mayplace Primary School
  • Northend Primary School
  • Northumberland Heath Primary School
  • Lessness Heath Primary School
  • Shamma Education & Training Services Ltd
  • Bursted Wood Primary School
  • Shining Star Extra Tuition
  • Gravel Hill Primary School
  • Northwood Primary School
  • St Thomas More Catholic Primary School
  • St Paulinus C E Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  • St John Fisher Catholic Primary School
  • Upland Primary School
  • Barrington Primary School
  • Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School Dartford
  • St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School
  • Hillsgrove Primary School
  • Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy
  • Linton Mead Primary School
  • St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School
  • Old Bexley C of E Primary School
  • Mahal Tuition
  • Stone St Mary’s C Of E Primary School
  • Windrush Primary School
  • Mayespark Primary School
  • Beam Primary School
  • Paivalearning
  • Maypole Primary School
  • Gallions Mount Primary School
  • MD Tutors
  • Gascoigne Primary School
  • Manor Oak Primary School
  • Newtons Primary School
  • Kumon Welling Centre
  • Wilmington Primary School
  • Parsonage Farm Primary School
  • Hook Lane Primary School
  • Bannockburn Primary School
  • Gordon Primary School
  • Discovery Primary School
  • Rockliffe Manor Primary School
  • Marsh Green Primary School
  • Sherwood Park Primary School
  • Knockhall Primary School
  • Benhurst Primary School
  • Hacton Primary School
  • Greenslade Primary School
  • Conway Primary School
  • First Class Learning Maths & English Tuition
  • Bishop Ridley Church Of England V A Primary School
  • The Leys Primary School
  • St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School
  • Cherry Orchard Primary School
  • South Rise Primary School
  • Thomas Arnold Primary School
  • St Alban’s Catholic Primary School
  • George Carey Church Of England Primary School
  • Qcontrol Tuition
  • John Perry Primary School
  • The Brent Primary School
  • Tiger Tuition Ltd
  • Tiger Tuition Ltd
  • Mottingham Primary School
  • Godwin Primary School
  • Days Lane Primary School
  • Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School
  • St Paul’s Cray Church Of England Primary School
  • St Peter’s R C Primary School
  • Holy Trinity Lamorbey C Of E Primary School
  • Heronsgate Primary School
  • Plumcroft Primary School
  • Rush Green Primary School
  • Grove Primary School
  • Parsloes Primary School
  • Hextable Primary School
  • St Margaret’s Church Of England Primary School
  • Marvels Lane Primary School
  • Orchard Way Primary School
  • Scotts Primary School
  • Somers Heath Primary School
  • Richard Alibon Primary School
  • Eglinton Primary School
  • Alderwood Primary School
  • Nightingale Primary School
  • Promise Tuition Centre
  • Valence Primary School
  • Kaizen Primary School
  • Vinay Babla’s Tuition
  • Roding Primary School
  • Hunters Hall Primary School
  • Welling Maths Centre
  • Notre Dame Catholic Primary School
  • Christ Church Church Of England Primary School Shooters Hill
  • Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
  • Mulgrave Primary School
  • St Mary’s Magdalene Primary School
  • St Margaret’s Lee C Of E Primary School
  • Longlands Primary School
  • Orchard Primary School
  • Gallions Primary School
  • Brainwave Training & Tuition
  • Harold Wood Primary School
  • Roding Primary School
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
  • Dulverton Primary School
  • Southwood Primary School
  • Eastbury Primary School
  • St Pauls’ Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
  • St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School
  • Raynehurst Community Primary School & Nursery
  • Blenheim Primary School
  • Suttons Primary School
  • Five Elms Primary School
  • Deansfield Primary School
  • Learn Log Tutoring
  • Clockhouse Primary School
  • Zakariya Primary School
  • John Stainer Primary School
  • Bonnygate Primary School
  • Woodhill Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  • Cardwell Primary School
  • Hilldene Primary School
  • Broadford Primary School
  • St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School
  • Al-Noor Voluntary Aided Primary School
  • St Margarets C Of E Primary School
  • Branfil Primary School
  • The St Teresa Catholic Primary School
  • Wyborne Primary School
  • Carpenters Primary School
  • Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School
  • Valence Primary School
  • Quality Tutors
  • Sutton At Hone C Of E Primary School
  • Eltham Church Of England Primary School
  • Winsor Primary School
  • Rush Resources Tuition Centre
  • Calverton Primary School
  • Becontree Primary School
  • Thorntree Primary School
  • Wykeham Primary School
  • Vicarage Primary School
  • Boost Education
  • John Donne Primary School
  • William Bellamy Primary School
  • Mr ‘K’s Tuition
  • Merit Tutors
  • Hartley Primary School
  • Willow Brook Primary School Academy
  • Istead Rise Primary School
  • Grafton Primary School
  • Charlton Manor Primary School
  • Henry Green Primary School
  • North Beckton Primary School
  • Drew Primary School
  • Midfield Primary School
  • Nightingale Primary School
  • Downsview Community Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  • Montbelle Primary School
  • Nelson Primary School
  • Ellen Wilkinson Primary School
  • Haimo Primary School
  • Henwick Primary School
  • St Thomas More Catholic Primary School
  • Northbury Primary School
  • Dalmain Primary School
  • Hollydale Primary School
  • St Francis R C Primary School
  • A2z Tutorials Ltd (Tuition Centre)
  • High Firs Primary School
  • Wind Rush Primary School
  • St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School
  • Edgebury Primary School
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
  • KIP McGrath Dartford Tuition
  • Woodlands Primary School
  • Harbinger Primary School
  • Langafel Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
  • S S Peter & Paul’s Catholic Primary School
  • Uphall Primary School
  • Brampton Primary School
  • Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School
  • Red Hill Primary School
  • St Mary’s Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School
  • Woodlands Primary School
  • The Skill Academy
  • Goodmayes Primary School
  • Parkway Primary School
  • St Fidelis Catholic Primary School
  • St John Fisher Catholic Primary School
  • Northumberland Heath Primary School
  • Peareswood Primary School
  • Christ Church (Erith) CofE Primary School
  • Barnehurst Infant School
  • Barnehurst Junior School
  • Northwood Primary School
  • St. Paul’s (Slade Green) Church of England Primary School
  • Belmont Academy
  • Haberdashers’ Aske’s Slade Green Temple Grove

Secondary schools
in Erith

Erith has a range of secondary schools that will provide your children with all the support they need. Explore the local education opportunities within the area.

King Henry School

Transport links
in Erith

It’s easy to travel to and from Erith. Discover the transport connections you can take advantage of when living in the area.


Erith Rail Station

Bus stops

  • Victoria Road Erith
  • Erith Leisure Centre
  • Avenue Road Erith
  • Lesney Park Avenue Road
  • Erith & District Hospital
  • King Henry School
  • Beechfield Road Erith
  • James Watt Way
  • Fraser Road Bexley Road
  • Birch Walk
  • Compton Place
  • Erith Town Centre Cross Street
  • Erith Town Centre Riverside
  • Erith Station West Street
  • Erith Health Centre
  • Erith High Street
  • Erith Town Centre Riverside
  • Walnut Tree Road (DA8)
  • Europa Trading Estate
  • Fraser Road (DA8)
  • Larner Road
  • Lesney Park
  • Maxim Road The Ship
  • Manor Road Aperfield Road
  • Manor Road Frobisher Road
  • Winifred Road The Ship
  • Colebrook Street
  • Erith Morrisons Superstore
  • Victoria Road Christchurch Avenue
  • Victoria Road Park Crescent

Things to do
in Erith

There’s lots to love about Erith. Here are the top attractions within the area that you can explore – you better start planning!

  • Erith Playhouse
  • Abbey Tours
  • Bexley Brewery
  • The Yacht
  • Penny Farthing
  • Bexleyheath Shopping Centre
  • The Kentish Belle
  • Crayford Greyhound Track
  • Lesnes Abbey

Restaurants in Erith

Local restaurants are a huge draw for people living in Erith. Get a taste for the best places to eat within the area.

  • K’s Spice African Restaurant
  • Riverside Fish & Steakhouse
  • Subway
  • Riverside Fish Bar
  • The Whitehart Restaurant
  • Myra
  • Belly Belly
  • The Whitehart
  • Chicken Express
  • K F C
  • McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd
  • China Red
  • Joe’s Fish Bar
  • Jade Garden
  • Spice Brasserie
  • Erith Kebab
  • Hooked Fish & Grill
  • Favour Fried Chicken
  • Subway
  • Dhe’s Kitchen
  • New Morlys
  • New Ruby
  • Afishionados
  • New Beijing City

Places of worship
in Erith

There are a range of places to worship in Erith, allowing you to maintain your faith when living in the area.

  • Christ Church Erith
  • C C C Erith Parish
  • Christ Light Assemblies UK
  • Believers Loveworld
  • Queen Street Baptist Church
  • Resurrection & Restoration
  • Northend Baptist Church
  • Crowning Glory Ministries Church
  • Loveworld Erith
  • North Heath Family Church
  • Capuchin Franciscan Friars
  • Our Lady Of The Angels R C Church
  • The Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (Erith)
  • Christ Mission Embassy
  • St. Augustines Church (Slade Green)
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • Northumberland Heath Baptist Church
  • Belvedere Pentecostal Church
  • All Saints Church
  • Belvedere Baptist Church
  • Gateway Pentecostal Church
  • St Augustines C Of E Church
  • Churches & Other Places of Worship
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church
  • St. Anselm’s
  • Christ The Saviour Community Greek Orthodox Church
  • St. Michael’s Church
  • St John Fisher R C Church
  • St. Davids R C Church
  • Bestway International Christian Centre
  • Welling Evangelical Free Church
  • RCCG City of David
  • Wellspring Pentecostal Church
  • The Plumstead Community SDA Church
  • Temple Hill Baptist Church
  • Baldwyns Park Baptist Church
  • St John The Evangelist Church
  • St Michaels & All Angels Church
  • Days Lane Baptist Church
  • Spital Street Methodist Church
  • Christ Apostolic Church Dove House
  • St Stephens R C Church
  • St Vincents R C Church
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Bishop Jonathan Blake
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Trinity Methodist Church & Centre
  • RCCG Spring of Hope
  • Goodnews Haven
  • The Salvation Army Employment Service
  • Grace Outreach Church
  • St Edmunds Church Living Well
  • Praise Embassy
  • Welling United Reformed Church
  • Walls of Salvation Church
  • St Albans C Of E Church
  • St James The Great Blendon Church
  • NICC
  • Greenwich Hindu Temple
  • Christ Embassy
  • St Barnabas Church
  • The King’s Family Centre
  • Church of Christ the King
  • Full Gospel Entime Ministries
  • The Slade Evangelical Church
  • C & S St. Michaels Church
  • New Testament Gospel Church
  • Greats Centre
  • Catholic Parish Of St Peter
  • The Salvation Army Church
  • Christ Royal Assembly
  • St John The Evangelist Church Hall
  • Our Lady Of The Rosary R C Church
  • The Redeemed Christian Church of God
  • St. James Church
  • Wilmington Christian Fellowship
  • Fresh Revival Ministry a place Of signs & wonders
  • Bishop Ridley Church
  • St. Andrew’s Church
  • Dagenham Parish Church C of E
  • The Salvation Army Church & Community Centre
  • St Johns Church
  • The Redeemed Christian Church of God
  • St. Johns Sidcup
  • Dagenham Methodist Church
  • Riverway Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  • Diadem Church London
  • The Redeemed Christian Church of God Open Heavens Sanctuary
  • regeneration Church
  • Elim Pentecostal Church
  • Dagenham Baptist Church
  • Harmony Christian Centre
  • Holy Trinity C Of E Church
  • Wood Lane Baptist Church
  • Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple
  • Victorious Pentecostal Assembly
  • St Peter’s
  • Dartford Heathside Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Holy Redeemer C of E Church
  • The Salvation Army Church
  • R C C G Victory Centre
  • Manmin Church (Church of All Nation) Ltd
  • St George’s C of E Church
  • St Barnabas C Of E Church
  • Elm Park Baptist Church Playgroup
  • Ramgarhia Skih Temple
  • New Testament Church of God
  • Triumphant Chapel
  • Christ Heritage Assemblies
  • Chislehurst Y F C Ltd
  • Lord Thy Deliverer Ltd
  • St Peter The Apostle Church
  • South East Hindu Association
  • New Community Church
  • Ichthus Christian Fellowship
  • Barking Methodist Church
  • Christian Pentecostal Mission International
  • St Joseph’s R C Church
  • Destiny Transformation Assembly
  • St. Paul Old Ford
  • St. Mary’s Church of England Parish Church
  • St Mary Magdalene Church
  • RCCG-The Anchor For All Souls
  • Rush Green Gospel Hall
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Woolwich Sikh Temple
  • Emmanuel Church Sidcup (Methodist & United Reformed)
  • Power House International Ministries Essex
  • St Nicholas C Of E Church
  • Glad Tidings Free Pentecostal Church
  • Community Church
  • St. Patrick’s Church
  • New Wine International
  • Sidcup St Lawrence’s Roman Catholic Church
  • St Edward The Confessor C Of E Church
  • St Cedd’s C Of E Church
  • St. George’s Parish
  • St. Mary the Virgin Chalk Church
  • The Church Centre
  • Sikh Temple
  • Our Lady Of Grace Church
  • Christ Church Sidcup
  • Holy Family R C Church
  • Sidcup Baptist Church
  • Oxlow Lane Baptist Church
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (UK)

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